Toyota Choreography Award

Main Point

Seeking out and nurturing the next generation of choreographers

The Toyota Choreography Award, established in 2001 in conjunction with the Setagaya Public Theatre, seeks to discover and cultivate the next generation of choreographers by bringing attention to individual and characteristic choreography.

Six finalists, chosen by a selection committee, present their works at the "NEXTAGE*" (final screening panel) where one of them is chosen to receive the "Next Generation Choreographer Award." The winner of the award is given the opportunity to present their work at the Theater Trum and receives two million yen from Toyota to offset the costs of production.

NEXTAGE — Where new talent blossoms and broadens its horizons.

The Toyota Choreography Award unearths promising talent that offer the potential to present the world with exciting new concepts in dance. It transcends genre and creative orientation in the search for new dance expression from Japan.

  • *NEXTAGE= Next Stage, Next Age (a stage for the next generation of choreographers)

PHOTO : bozzo

PHOTO : bozzo