Measures to Promote Women's Participation in the Workplace

Toyota has positioned the promotion of diversity in the workplace as an important management strategy and is undertaking measures to enable a diverse workforce to work with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. With regard to promoting women's participation in the workplace, Toyota takes measures to support a work-life balance such as developing work environments that enable women to continue working with confidence while performing childcare or nursing care for a family member.

Action Plan for Promoting Women's Participation in the Workplace

Revised: January,2016

Toyota has decided on the following plan to build an environment to promote women’s participation in the workplace.

1. Implementation Period:

From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018

2. Our Challenges

  • The number of female employees is not large enough, and the average length of service of female engineers is shorter than that of male engineers.
  • The proportion of women in managerial positions is low.

3. Targets

  • Employment rate of female graduates
    Administrative: 40%, Engineering: 10%
  • Number of female managers
    The number of women in managerial positions in 2014 to be increased three fold by 2020, and fivefold by 2030

4. Details of Actions

Action 1:
Maintain a hiring rate for female graduates (Administrative: 40%, Engineering: 10%)

Initiatives to continue:

  • Carrying out the following actions to increase the female employment rate [from April 2015]
    Increase opportunities for applicants to meet a drivers range of female managers and specialists
  • Continue to participate in "Toyota Female Engineer Development Foundation" [from December 2014]

Action 2:
Support a balance between work and childcare, and create an atmosphere and environment to support an early return to work from maternity leave

Initiatives to continue and expand:

< Support a balance between work and childcare >

  • Continue and expand support for childcare [from April 2007]
    (Expansion of usage for “working at home” program, provision of child care facilities)
  • Create a working atmosphere that supports women’s participation in the workplace [from April 2016]
    (Produce and distribute hand-outs for supervisors and male employees)
  • Promote male employees’ participation in child care [from October 2016]

< Support for early return to work from maternity leave >

  • Raise awareness in women, their supervisors and spouses by holding pre-maternity leave seminars [from July 2015]
  • Promote usage of all-day “working at home ”program and subsidy for child care cost [from April 2016]

Action 3:
Develop career awareness and systematic personnel training from an early stage

Initiatives to continue and expand:

< Career awareness >

  • Promote initiatives to enhance female awareness [from June 2015]
    (Support the development of female networks in administrative and engineering through roundtable discussions, social network services, and introduce role models)

< Systematic personnel training >

  • Prepare for personalized development plans that take into account the life events of each individual for women in administrative and engineering positions [from April 2009]
  • Enhance programs for managerial level employees [from April 2016]

* For the plan until March 31,2016, see this file : (PDF, 120 kB / 2 pp.)