Environmental Philosophy

The Fifth Toyota Environmental Action Plan

Toyota formulated its Fifth Environmental Action Plan specifying the activities which must be implemented between FY2011 and FY2015 in order to realize the corporate vision and direction of Toyota environmental activities, "Contributing to growth of sustainable society and the earth," through "Monozukuri (manufacturing) in harmony with the global environment, making cars and offering products and services." In establishing the new action plan, Toyota organized its activities according to two viewpoints: the risk the activity has of becoming an environmental issue, and its business opportunities (promoting market expansion of environment-considering vehicles, etc.). Toyota will categorize directions of the environmental activities requiring to companies toward 2020 to 2030 in three key themes: "Establishing a low-carbon society," "Establishing a recycling-based society" and "Environmental protection and establishing a society in harmony with nature," formulate programs, specific actions and objectives in the Toyota's corporate activity fields of development and design, procurement, production, logistics, sales and recycling, and promote environmental management.