September 1937: Immediately after the Establishment of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.

Shortly after entering the automotive business, Kiichiro Toyoda thought to spin off the automotive division and build a plant that could perform mass production. In March 1937, when such prospects were in view, the decision was made to establish a new company and construct the Koromo Plant.

Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. was established on August 28, 1937. In September of that year, Kiichiro prepared an organizational chart and job descriptions. The initial organizations at Toyota Motor Co. consisted of General Affairs Department, Sales Department, Manufacturing Department, Manufacturing Engineering Department, Engineering Design Department, Total Vehicle Engineering Administration Department, Research and Development Department.

The company also had field offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Kiichiro served as manager of the important Research and Development Department.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart