February 1971: After the Start of Operations of the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Tsutsumi Plant

Before Capital Liberalization

The Tsutsumi Plant began operations in 1970 as Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.'s third dedicated vehicle plant following the Motomachi and Takaoka Plants. Annual production capacity was held stable at two million units.

In preparation for the liberalization of capital transactions implemented in April 1971, the Policy Committee was established, project teams with the senior managers as leaders were formed as necessary, and organizations were optimized in order to be able to respond promptly to trying circumstances internally and externally.

In addition, safety and anti-pollution measures were actively implemented, and the Higashifuji Technical Center was established to develop technologies at international levels. Following the February 1971 reorganization, the company had 86 divisions and 295 sections.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart