July 2003: Changes on the Group Level

Establishment of Robust and Efficient Global Structures

In July 2003, organizational changes were made on the group level to establish flatter organizations, clarify roles, increase speed, and globalize organizations, the objectives of introducing a new management system, and to clarify the positioning of the group management functions within Global Toyota.

In addition, the number of directors was reduced by appointing only those at the senior managing officer level and higher, and the position of managing officer responsible for operations of each division was created.

On decision-making levels, division operations were concluded at the senior managing officer level or lower, and senior managing officers became responsible for decision-making concerning operations closely related to the work site while participating in companywide management as the chief executive officers for their divisions. As a result, the pace of decision-making was increased.

Following the reorganization, there were 212 divisions, an increase of three from 209 before the reorganization.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart