Section 2. Response to Increase in Traffic Accidents

Item 6. To Toyota Motor Employees

At the beginning of 1970, Toyota announced its resolve to put an even greater focus into solving issues such as safety and pollution, based on the company's fundamental philosophy of "building a prosperous society through vehicles". This fundamental management stance was reflected in its basic policy through the addition of an item resolving to "be aware of the public nature of the automotive industry and contribute to the welfare of society", as outlined previously.

In May 1973, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. President Eiji Toyoda sent a message titled "To Toyota Motor Employees" to all employees of section manager status and above, detailing how the company and its employees should approach the current situation. He asked managers to reflect this approach in their duties, and to ensure that this stance was adhered to by each of the people they oversaw.

The following president's message, consisting of four items, instructed employees to be grateful for the benefits they received from society, to be aware of the role played by vehicles, and to expend their utmost effort to perform their social responsibility with pride and confidence:

To Toyota Motor Employees

  1. 1.No matter how big the company, it cannot grow and will cease to exist without the positive support of society. We are grateful, and can never forget, that Toyota has been able to develop into one of Japan's leading companies because of your unceasing efforts as well as the benefits of the social environment.
  2. 2.Toyota has become a major company that can have significant effect on society as a result of its actions. Our actions, both good and bad, are scrutinized by society, and we cannot avoid this. We must fully understand this and carry out our responsibilities to society through our actions.
  3. 3.We must always understand fully the roles that motor vehicles play, and will play in the future, in society, be proud and confident of our work of making and providing motor vehicles to society, and provide products that fulfill the needs of society.
  4. 4.The social environment is changing. We must accept this with humility and be a company with the character to respond adequately to this change and be members of such a company.

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