Section 2. European Operations Become Autonomous

Item 4. Coordinating Structures and Localization

Localization of design and CSR initiatives

In research and development, Toyota Europe Design Development (ED2; pronounced "ee dee square") was established in 1998 under the direct management of TMC as an evolution of the Toyota Europe Office of Creation, the TMME division that was responsible for the design of the first-generation Yaris. In 2000, ED2 started operations in Nice, France, a site with a high concentration of outstanding designers.

Efforts were also made to enhance corporate image. TME established the Society Contribution Committee in 2002 to address corporate social responsibility, and additional support was provided to the corporate social responsibility activities of manufacturing and sales affiliates. TMC established the Toyota Fund for Europe in 2005, and TME took over the provision of support for corporate social responsibility activities that TMC had previously performed.

In addition, TME joined the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association in 2008 in order to respond to changes in the European business environment, which was becoming increasingly severe as a result of tightening of EU CO2 regulations and intensifying sales competition, and to strengthen its operational foundation in Europe.

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