Consolidating sales functions according to channel

In 1997, the 60th year since TMC's founding, the Japan Sales & Marketing Group carried out a major reorganization. As the Japanese car market changed to one centered on replacement demand, it was imperative to change from the conventional sales activities focused on new cars to an integrated sales style that added value-chain activities such as installment sales, insurance, and telecommunications to the core businesses of new cars, used cars, and after-sales services (car inspections and maintenance, etc.).

Within the organizational reform carried out that year, the various sales functions, which had previously been separated according to categories such as new cars and used cars, were consolidated according to channels such as Toyota dealers, and reorganized into Channel Operations Groups No. 1 through No. 5. However, this operations group system still had a problem in terms of promoting a shift to an integrated sales style. For example, both Sales Division No. 1-which established sales policies-and the Toyota Channel Operations Division-which managed Toyota Dealers-existed in parallel within Sales Operations Group No. 1. Therefore, in conjunction with the start of the Three Year Plan for Japanese sales in 2000, the two-division system within each group was abolished in order to standardize the sales policy for each channel.

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