Establishing the CSR & Environmental Affairs Division

As the 21st century arrived, the guidelines issued by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others encouraged society to pay close attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). For its part, TMC established the CSR Study Working Group, consisting of the Management Planning Division and other related groups, in January 2004 to consider policy initiatives. The working group concluded that the Guiding Principles at Toyota already contained all the accepted CSR concepts and in January 2005 created TMC's CSR document titled "Contribution towards Sustainable Development" based on the Guiding Principles at Toyota. Additionally, TMC decided to position an organizational body that would comprehensively lead all CSR-related activities inside the Environmental Affairs Division and thus established the CSR & Environmental Affairs Division in January 2007.

With the desire to centrally approach social contribution activities from a more global perspective, TMC consolidated functions that had been scattered among the Public Affair Division and other divisions and established the Corporate Citizenship Division in January 2006. As part of its evolution, the Corporate Citizenship Activity Committee, which had met 57 times since 1989, was merged into the CSR Committee established in October 2007.

The CSR Committee also includes outside auditors as its members and plays a part in corporate governance.

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