Section 2. Launch of New Management Systems

Item 2. Implementation of New Policies and Difficult Decisions

Withdrawal from NUMMI and F1

While undertaking these new measures, TMC was also compelled to make several difficult decisions.

In August 2009, TMC decided to terminate production by New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), a joint venture company established with General Motors, at the end of March 2010. After undergoing business reorganization, GM decided to withdraw from NUMMI, and TMC determined that it would be difficult to continue business on its own. Following the end of production, President Toyoda visited NUMMI on April 1, 2010 and thanked the NUMMI employees for maintaining quality and productivity until the very last vehicle was produced and for putting their best efforts into car production. NUMMI was a symbol of industrial cooperation by Toyota and GM, and the first GM Chevrolet Nova produced at NUMMI when operations commenced in 1984 and the last Toyota Corolla produced there are preserved in the Toyota Automobile Museum as reminders to future generations of NUMMI's production activities.

In November 2009, TMC decided it would end its participation in Formula One (F1) racing, the pinnacle of motorsports, with the end of the season. Since Toyota began competing in F1 with its own team in 2002, although it did not win any races over eight seasons, it did make it to the winner's podium 13 times and had 87 point finishes, successfully raising brand recognition and contributing to technology development and personnel training. The experience gained from F1 was put to good use in the development of production sports cars.

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