All-Toyota Meeting Held

Following the U.S. Congressional hearings and President Toyoda’s visit to China, an All-Toyota Meeting was held on March 5, 2010 at the TMC Head Office with TMC executives and department heads and representatives of the Toyota National Dealers’ Advisory Council (TNDAC), dealers, group companies, suppliers, and workers unions in attendance. At this meeting, the participants committed to returning to Toyota’s origins by reaffirming the importance of quality measures among all Toyota-related entities and confirmed February 24, the day of the hearings attended by President Toyoda, as the “Toyota Restart Day.” The discussions were open to the media

At the meeting, President Toyoda indicated that he had gained a new awareness of the strength of ties within Global Toyota. He also expressed his determination that in instituting the restart of Toyota, the company would set aside its past success and not just ask what direction it should take and how its work should be performed, but how it thinks. The goal was to regain a unity of purpose among all personnel to make steady progress toward the creation of a strong and respected Toyota.

Next, Executive Vice President Uchiyamada announced an immediate policy of returning to development based on rapid understanding of market changes, genchi genbutsu (going to the source to find the facts) and a reinforcement of preventive measures.

President Lentz of TMS described the efforts of local dealers to respond to the recalls by introducing a new service of picking up and dropping off vehicles when performing the recall remedy work. TNDAC Senior General Manager Masahiro Morikawa called on the participants to recall the founding spirit of Toyota, to overcome difficulties without forgetting humility, and to make every possible effort to create a bright future for all Toyota-related entities.

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