Section 6. New Growth Goal

Item 4. Toward New Beginnings

Fun to Drive, Again.

In October 2011 when TMC was making progress in recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake and beginning to make up for lost production on a global level, it initiated a new corporate ad campaign in Japan called "Fun to Drive, Again". This was designed with the hope of helping Japanese people once again enjoy driving and the aim of once again giving life to "the joy of new cars". TMC had previously used the corporate slogan of "Fun to Drive" from 1984 to 1987, and added "Again" to create the new slogan. Through this new slogan, TMC expressed its determination to deliver all the elements of the joys of driving of a new era, including the pleasure inherent in cars, connection services, and the creation of future mobility.

At the same time, under the "ReBORN" catchphrase referring to rebirth, TMC has been running TV commercials featuring shoguns of Japan's Warring States Period, who have been reborn in modern Japan and go on a driving tour through the Tohoku region and all over Japan, as well as a series of live-action Doraemon TV ads that aim to introduce the joy of cars to a younger generation. At the Tokyo Motor Show in December 2011, the Toyota Booth was built around the Doraemon character and was well received by visitors with children.

In November of the same year, TMC held the Seventh Toyota World Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, for three days. Having been held nearly every four years since 1984, this was the first Toyota World Convention to be held outside Japan. Approximately 1,100 people representing approximately 300 distributors, manufacturing affiliates, and financial companies from approximately 150 countries attended the convention, test-driving new vehicle models and environment-friendly vehicles, experiencing advanced safety technologies, and sharing the future vision of Global Toyota. At the convention, President Akio Toyoda said, "For me, growth means 'continuing to change in response to changes in society'. That is what will make sustainable growth possible. Whether Toyota will be able to continue growing will depend on whether we can keep supplying better cars to customers in the various regions. As members of the Global Toyota team, let us all keep working in unity so that we can bring a smile to our customers all over the world."

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