Section 2. The Businesses of Sakichi Toyoda

Item 3. Establishment of Toyoda Boshoku Sho and Other Companies

Establishment of Kikui Boshoku Corporation

On March 10, 1918, Kikui Boshoku was established, funded by Sakichi Toyoda, Kamenosuke Fujino and Ichizo Kodama. The new company was created less than two months after the establishment of Toyoda Boshoku Corporation in order to expand the spinning and weaving business during the wartime production boom.

29-1 Tongashima, Komeno-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya City
(near current Hosei-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya City area)
4 million yen (2.5 million yen paid)
Senior Managing Director: Sasuke Toyoda, Directors: Ichizo Kodama,
Heikichi Toyoda, Risaburo Toyoda, Auditors: Sakichi Toyoda, Tomigoro Tsuchiya
Plant Facilities
35,322 spindles, 588 looms

To rationalize its operations during the cotton industry slump which occurred during the Great Depression, in 1931 Kikui Boshoku was absorbed into Toyoda Boshoku and its name changed to Toyoda Boshoku Minami Plant. In 1942, following the merger between five spinning and weaving companies, it became Chuo Spinning Company Aichi Plant, and after the merger with Toyota Motor Corporation in 1943 became the company's Aircraft Aichi Plant.1

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