Section 2. The Businesses of Sakichi Toyoda

Item 3. Establishment of Toyoda Boshoku Sho and Other Companies

Establishment of Toyota Boshoku Sho

Under these circumstances, in 1920 Sakichi Toyoda began construction of a spinning and weaving plant in Shanghai. The plant was completed in May 1921, and opened in November that year as Toyoda Boshoku Sho.

10 million tael (5 million tael paid)
President: Sakichi Toyoda, Directors: Risaburo Toyoda, Ichizo Kodama,
Akiji Nishikawa, Masaaki Ishiguro, Auditors: Tsuyu Fujino, Kiichiro Toyoda,
Tokiya Murano, Rizo Suzuki
Plant Facilities
35,712 spindles (Platt model)
15,312 yarn covering machines (Whitin model)
(406 looms commenced operation in August 1924)

Kiichiro, who graduated university in July 1920, submitted "Design Specifications of Power Facility for Shanghai Spinning Plant" for his graduation project, and was already involved in engineering side of his father Sakichi's business while he was studying.

When Kiichiro started his automotive business, Toyota Boshoku Sho provided funding support and played a central role in expanding the company's business in China, and also supported the establishment of Hokushi Jidosha Kogyo in 1940, and Kachu Toyoda Jidosha Kogyo in 1942. In 1944 the company adopted the Toyoda Boshoku name, changing from Toyoda Boshoku Sho to Toyoda Boshoku. After Japan's defeat in the Second World War, the company was seized by China.

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