Body mounting for small trucks by car body manufacturers

The bodies of small trucks were installed by the car body manufacturers specified by individual dealers. The bodies of small trucks and small commercial vehicles equipped with the S engine were installed for the most part by the companies described below.

Toyota Shatai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Toyota Shatai; now Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. (Toyota Auto Body1) began mounting truck beds on Model SB trucks in July 1947 (the driver's cab was an all-steel type made by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.), and then in January 1948, began manufacturing and mounting a driver's cab (made of steel plates on a wooden frame) and truck bed made by Toyota Shatai. The company also mounted bodies on many other models, including the modified Model SB Light Van, Model SG truck, Model SKB Toyopet Light Truck, Model SK20 Toyoace Truck, Model SK20V Toyoace Route Van, and Model SK20P Toyoace Double Cab.

Kanto Electric Motor Works began mounting bodies on Model SB Light Vans (Models SBOV and SBLB) in October 1949, and later also mounted bodies on the Model SG Light Van (Model SGV).

Central Motor Co., Ltd.2 began mounting bodies on the modified Model SB pickup truck (Model SBU) in October 1950. Later, the company also mounted bodies on the Model SG light van, Model SG station wagon, and Model SG double pickup truck, and received orders from Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. Fleet Sales Department for manufacturing and mounting various types of conversion vehicle bodies that utilized the SG chassis. In July 1950, Shinnikkokukogyo Co., Ltd.'s Kyoto Plant3 began mounting bodies on the modified Model SB route van (Model SU), which was used by Nippon Express as a dedicated vehicle for transporting tobacco for Japan's Monopoly Bureau.

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