Model SC and SD passenger cars

The Model SC passenger car was developed to respond to the many passenger car bodies that had been mounted on the Model SB truck chassis. A prototype of the Model SC, which adopted front wheel independent suspension, was completed in June 1948. However, due to the high demand for the Model SB truck chassis, which adopted beam suspension (beam axles) for trucks, development of the Model SC passenger car was halted after only three prototypes had been made.

The Model SD passenger car was comprised of an all-steel passenger car body mounted on the Model SB truck chassis. A prototype was completed in June 1949 at Kanto Electric Motor Works, and production commenced in November of the same year at the company and other car body manufacturers.

The Model SD passenger car was developed as a relatively inexpensive vehicle requiring little maintenance, targeted at the commercial vehicle market. Since it used nearly the same chassis as the Model SB truck, most of the parts were interchangeable and possessed the excellent durability of truck parts. The Model SD passenger car provided excellent durability. Table 1-27 shows the specifications of the Toyopet Model SD passenger car.

Table 1-27. Specifications of the Model SD Passenger Car (1950)

Model S (995 cc, 27 hp)
4,233 mm
1,592 mm
1,570 mm
Vehicle weight
1,225 kg
Maximum speed
77 km/h
Toyota Engineering Society's, Toyota Technology, March 1, 1950

Between September 1949 and August 1951, Kanto Auto Works produced 105 units of the Model SD passenger car. In parallel with this, the company proceeded to develop the Model SDX, which featured an expanded body achieved by widening the tread of the Model SD chassis. This revamped model formally became the Model SE passenger car chassis, and its production commenced in June 1950.

Meanwhile, Arakawa Sheet Metal Works manufactured 45 units of the Model SD passenger car body starting in April 1950. Model SD passenger car bodies were also manufactured at Wide Field Motors and Nippon Body, albeit in small volumes. When combined with the revamped model (Model SDX) manufactured by Kanto Auto Works, a total of 665 Model SD passenger cars and 176 Model SE passenger cars were produced by December 1951.

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