Model SH series of passenger cars and Model SK truck

The Model SH and RH chassis were created for the newly developed R engine (1,500 cc, 48 hp) and were improved versions of the Model SF passenger car chassis. Similar to the Model SF series, the following three body types were established: Model SH (Arakawa Sheet Metal Works), Model SHK (Kanto Auto Works) and Model SHN (Central Japan Heavy-Industries). Model SH was launched under the name of Toyopet Custom SH in September 1953, but its production was quickly terminated within the same month when the Model RH series of passenger cars (Toyopet Super RH) launched at the same time became more popular. Only 230 Model SH passenger cars were produced.

Simultaneously with the launch of the Model SH and RH passenger cars, Model SK and RK Toyopet trucks were also launched. The Model SK truck was equipped with the 28-hp S engine and possessed a load capacity of 1 ton, as did its predecessor, the Model SG. The Model RK truck equipped with the newly developed R engine had an increased output of 48 hp and a load capacity of 1.25 tons. Between September 1953 and July 1954, 3,587 units of the Model SK were produced and its chassis was inherited by the Toyopet Light Truck Model SKB.

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