Production increase for the Toyopet Crown

Although the Model RS Crown and the Model RR Master launched in January 1955 were both received favourably, sales didn't increase. While sales slumped operation was reduced between June of that year and January 1956 from a six-day to a five-day week. The initial production planning foresaw a monthly output of 1000 cars for both the Crown and the Master, but in 1955 the total average monthly output for both cars combined was 617 cars, with the Crown limited to 229 cars.

The Model RS Crown was aimed at private owners while the Model RR Master was aimed at businesses, but when it became clear that the suspension had sufficient durability for business use, demand for the Crown by the limousine and the taxi industry increased. In response Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. launched the Crown Deluxe (Model RSD) aimed at the private owner market in December 1955, while also selling the RS to the business market under the name Crown Standard.

By 1956 production output for the Crown had increased rapidly and reached a monthly average output of 771 cars. The combined output for the Crown and the Master for the year reached 12,001 cars with a monthly average of 1,000 cars, and in October the monthly output for the Crown alone exceeded 1,000 cars. Production of the Model RR Master was therefore discontinued in November 1956.

Subsequently the performance of the Crown Standard (Model RS) and the Crown Deluxe (Model RSD) were gradually improved, and in October 1956 the engine output was increased from 48 hp to 55 hp and again in April 1958 to 58 hp. In October of the same year both models were improved and were launched as the new Crown Standard (Model RS20) and the Crown Deluxe (Model RS21).

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