Section 9. Preparations for Mass Production and Mass Sales

Item 4. Toyota Expands into Asian Countries

Asia and Australia in the 1950s

Toyota's first exports to Asia began with 22 Land Cruisers and other vehicles to Burma (now Myanmar) in July 1956 as a part of war reparations provided by the Japanese government. Later, 2500 vehicles were exported to the Philippines and other countries as reparations. These vehicles acted as pioneers in developing markets, but true CKD production exports to Asian countries did not begin until 1961.

Twelve Land Cruisers were exported to Australia in August 1957, but exports remained low because of that country's strict trade policies. The expansion into Australia began in earnest following the establishment of the Export Department by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and the Export Group by Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. in February 1962. Australian Motor Industries began assembly production of the Tiara (the export name of the Model RT20 Corona) in early 1963.

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