Section 9. Preparations for Mass Production and Mass Sales

Item 6. Production Capacity Increase with the Goal of Reaching 10,000 Vehicles/Month

Goal of 10,000 vehicles/month

Toyota invested a total of 4.6 billion yen in the Five-Year Facility Modernization Plan it began in 1951, with a focus on updating and streamlining existing facilities and establishing new production facilities for the R engine and the Crown passenger car. After introducing 1.4 billion yen worth of imported machinery and many other automated machines, the Honsha Plant established a production structure capable of achieving the goal of 3,000 vehicles per month. By October of 1956, the plant was already producing 5,074 vehicles per month.

In June 1956, in response to robust demand for automobiles and to prepare for further demand increases in the future, Toyota developed its Production Facility Enhancement Plan, which contained the goal of reaching monthly production of 10,000 vehicles. This plan covered the next approximately two and a half years until October 1958 and focused on establishing dedicated automated machinery and equipment, as well as continuous production line processes.

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