Released date : 2008/ 5/12

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Mini Van/Cab Wagon


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Grade 3.5_350G 3.5_350S 2.4_240G
Model type
Curb mass(kg) 1960 1950 1900
Dimensions Length(mm) 4850 4865 4850
Width(mm) 1830 1840 1830
Height(mm) 1890 1900 1890
Wheelbase(mm) 2950 2950 2950
Engine Engine code 2GR-FE 2GR-FE 2AZ-FE
Engine type V6-cylinder, DOHC V6-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC
Displacement(cm3) 3456 3456 2362
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m. 206/280/6200 206/280/6200 125/170/6000
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating. In the above table, digits separated by slashes ( / / ) stand for kW, PS, and r.p.m., respectively.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are GGH20W.
The Alphard was introduced as Toyota's top-end minivan in May 2002, and its second-generation models were released in May 2008.

As with the first generation model, the new Alphard shared chassis components with the Estima. The low-height, low-floor package lowered the center of gravity, while the vehicle's wide tread and long wheelbase enabled a more spacious cabin and improved ease of entry and exit, while improving handling, stability, and ride comfort. The power plant was either a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder (2AZ-FE) or a newly introduced 3.5-liter V6 (2GR-FE), the former being combined with a Super CVT and the latter with a 6-speed automatic transmission. A 7-seater and an 8-seater were available. Starting with the second generation, the Alphard was made available only through the Toyopet sales channel. For the Netz sales channel, the Vellfire (a sister car of the Alphard) was introduced to replace the discontinued Alphard V. A hybrid model was added to the Vellfire and Alphard lines in August 2011.
Plant Inabe plant(Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd)
"Alphard," which is derived from the Greek word "alpha," was intended to evoke an image of the brightest star in a constellation.

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