Released date : 1994/ 9/21

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Grade 1500EFI_VX 1300EFI_AVENUE 1500 Diesel Turbo_VX
Model type
Curb mass(kg) 890 870 940
Dimensions Length(mm) 4120 4120 4120
Width(mm) 1660 1660 1660
Height(mm) 1370 1370 1370
Wheelbase(mm) 2380 2380 2380
Engine Engine code 5E-FE 4E-FE IN-T
Engine type In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, DOHC In-line 4-cylinder, OHC
Displacement(cm3) 1496 1331 1453
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m. -/94/5400 -/88/5600 -/67/4200
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating. In the above table, digits separated by slashes ( / / ) stand for kW, PS, and r.p.m., respectively.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are EL53(1500), EL51(1300), NL50(1500).
In September 1994, the fifth-generation Tercel/Corsa were released (together with the fourth-generation models of the Corolla II and the Tercel/Corsa sedans).

The body variations included a 3-door hatchback and a 4-door sedan, constituting the same lineup as that of the previous generation. The general styling became sharper without diminishing the image of the previous models. UV-cut door glass on the driver's side became standard for all models.

The drive mechanisms remained unchanged, and the drivetrain layouts were front-engine, front-wheel-drive and full-time 4-wheel-drive. The available engines included two "high-mecha" twin-cam DOHC 16-valve gasoline-powered units with 1,300 cc 88 PS and 1,500 cc 94 PS, respectively, and a 1,500 cc turbo diesel unit developing 67 PS. The transmission was either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic.

With the debut of the new compact car Vitz in July 1999, production of the Tercel/Corsa and its sister cars was discontinued, putting an end to their nearly 20 years of history since 1978.
Plant Takaoka plant
The meaning is the same as in English (peregrine falcon).

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