Mega Cruiser

Released date : 1996/ 1/ 9

body type

Sports Utility Vehicle


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Grade Mega Cruiser
Model type
Model type KC-BXD20V-RRPEW
Curb mass(kg) 2850
Dimensions Length(mm) 5090
Width(mm) 2170
Height(mm) 2075
Wheelbase(mm) 3395
Engine Engine code 15B-FT Diesel
Engine type Water-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder
Displacement(cm3) 4104
Max. output kW(PS)/r.p.m. -/155/3200
* The specifications are those of representative model grades.
* Max. output represents a net rating. In the above table, digits separated by slashes ( / / ) stand for kW, PS, and r.p.m., respectively.
* The model numbers of these vehicles are BXD20V(4100).
Originally developed as a high mobility infantry transport vehicle for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, the Mega Cruiser was modified for civilian use and placed on the market in January 1996. Capable of going over extremely rough terrain, the Mega Cruiser was intended for emergency rescue and ambulance services and for traveling over undeveloped areas.

This extra-large vehicle had a wheelbase of 3,390 mm and measured 5,000 mm in length, 2,170 mm in width, and 2,105 mm in height. It could accommodate six people and carry 750 kg of cargo. It came with a full-time 4-wheel-drive layout, including a 4-speed automatic transmission with torque converter lock-up control and a sub transmission with a 2-speed center differential lock. The suspension was of a torsion bar-type 4-wheel double wishbone design, which was combined with 4-wheel inboard ventilated disc brakes. The Mega Cruiser employed a hub reduction drive system with gears inserted between the drive shaft and the axles. The minimum practical ground clearance was as high as 420 mm. The vehicle also came with reversed phase 4-wheel steering system and a torque-sensing limited slip differential (Torsen LSD) with front and rear locks. The engine was a 4,104 cc inline 4-cylinder direct injection turbo diesel unit with intercooler (15B-T) capable of producing 150 PS.

Production of the Mega Cruiser was discontinued in August 2001.
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