Cultural and Exhibit Facilities

Toyota further provides great new knowledge centers for the public such as museums and plant tours.

Plant tour & Toyota Kaikan Museum Plant tour & Toyota Kaikan Museum

Guided tours to view our world-renowned assembly line and explore our museum with the latest models and concept cars.

Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House

To honor Sakichi Toyoda, born in 1867, Toyota offers visitors a tour of a traditional thatched-roof house.

Toyota Automobile Museum Toyota Automobile Museum

The history of automobile is exhibited with about 120 vehicles worldwide in the main building with additional historical features in motorization and culture of Japan shown in the annex building.

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

This museum showcases the history of the weaving machines and automotive technologies of Toyota group through easy-to-understand demonstrations with actual machines and explanatory image displays.

Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall

This hall aims to share to visitors the keen challenging spirit and passion of Toyota at the time of its establishment.