Non-automotive Business

Toyota's expertise extends beyond its automobile manufacturing business into a variety of other fields, including housing, financial services, communications, marine and biotechnology and afforestation.

e-TOYOTA Business e-TOYOTA Business

With web-based vehicle information networks, onboard terminals and telematics, e-TOYOTA is finding ways to integrate IT systems and automobiles.

Energy Energy

We’re working on technology development, feasibility study and supply chain establishment to realize “a recycling-oriented, law carbon, hydrogen powered society”.

Biotechnology & Agriculture Biotechnology & Agriculture

We stimulate activities to achieve “TOYOTA ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE 2050” through R&D of green fuel and improvement in productivity of Japanese agriculture/livestock industry with biotechnologies.

Marine Marine

To provide people with safe & comfortable mobility and with excitement. It is TOYOTA's hope that we enrich life and society globally as a future leading mobility company.

Powertrain Units Sales Business Powertrain Units Sales Business

We supply Toyota’s high quality /performance, environmentally friendly powertrain units to automobile and marine engine manufacturers globally.