Challenge of Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature Biotechnology & Agriculture
Challenge of Establishing a Future Society in Harmony with Nature

Biotechnology & Agriculture

We stimulate activities to achieve “TOYOTA ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGE 2050” through R&D of green fuel and improvement in productivity of Japanese agriculture/livestock industry with biotechnologies.

R&D for Green fuel

In order to deal with a future shortage of fossil fuel, we are promoting development of bioethanol production technologies from the biomass which is produced as by-products of food or forage to provide stable supply of low production cost “bioethanol.”

Development, expansion, and promotion of the use of high efficiency yeasts for ethanol production

We’re developing high performance yeasts for ethanol production by using genetic engineering and yeast breeding technologies to reduce ethanol production cost. Together with partners, we strive to expand bioethanol use mainly in Southeast Asia & North America.

Technology development for stable supply of biomass raw materials

We cooperate with other companies such as plantation entity and are developing plants which can survive poor land conditions. In addition, we use our own DNA marker technology to breed the plant varieties which are highly resistant to diseases and environmental changes such as global warming.

Corporation with agriculture and livestock industry for recycling oriented society

We introduced our production control method called “TPS” and a process flow KAIZEN (improvement) know-how in agriculture section with the hope of contributing Japan’s sustainable agriculture growth. In 2011, we started Kaizen activities in agricultural production site together with the agricultural corporations. We accelerated the activities by actually visiting/watching their working site and invented an agricultural support IT tool, “Housaku.” For further contribution to agriculture sector, we are promoting establishment of an advanced agriculture model that connects Housaku and big data/ new technologies.

Housaku has useful functions for efficient work and quality improvement, including automatic daily work planning system, uniform progress management system. Kaizen activities Kaizen activities
“Housaku” :

Agricultural support IT tool “Housaku”

This supporting tool helps to establish an agricultural production management system. By combining this tool and Toyota staff’s Kaizen support activities on site, we accelerate Kaizen activities. We cooperate with institutions including local government and some Japan Agricultural Cooperatives for Housaku expansion.

Several crops under development Several crops under development

Breeding of functional crops

We work on breeding functional crops using genotyping technology "GRAS-Di" and development of efficient technology for cultivation.

Quick-Composting material “Buta-resQ” for swine manure Quick-Composting material “Buta-resQ” for swine manure

Development of livestock biomass

We developed composting accelerator which utilizing power of microorganism. It contributes to proper disposal of manure and reduction of offensive odors from livestock discharge.

Establishing sustainable environment

We have been conducting development on greenification technology which has used function of plants since 2001, and we will continue to promote the development which can help both humans and society.

Development of greenification plant, materials/methods

We invented a lawn variety with shorter height called “TM9” that requires minimum maintenance. This is also an ideal greening material for buildings and parking areas.

  • Lower maintenance lawn “TM9” Lower maintenance lawn “TM9”
  • Greening material for buildings Greening material for buildings
  • Greening material for parking area Greening material for parking area

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