Realize Recycling-Oriented Society Energy
Realize Recycling-Oriented Society


We’re working on technology development, feasibility study and supply chain establishment to realize “a recycling-oriented, low carbon, hydrogen powered society”.

Expand hydrogen use

Toyota has started to sell MIRAI, the fuel cell vehicle, in 2014. Along with it, we are working on building partnerships to spread hydrogen use to realize a hydrogen powered society, and to expand hydrogen use. While diverting basic technologies for FCV such as fuel cells and stacks to forklifts, buses, tracks, also building a locally connected sustainable hydrogen use model through “Hydrogen supply chain feasibility study” with local governments and companies.

Keihin Project (Commissioned project from Ministry of the Environment Japan FY2015 - FY2018)

Together with industrial, academic and government institutions, we are trying to establish a supply chain of low-carbon hydrogen which is made by renewable energy throughout its manufacturing, storage, transport and utilization.

Effective use of low price and stable energy

Toyota has started to develop “F-grid concept” since 2011 and set up “Smart Community” in industrial area of Tohoku district . We contribute to building a recycling-oriented society by utilizing reuse hybrid battery and promote “energy saving” at Toyota dealers etc.
Furthermore, now we are developing large volume storage battery and an energy system which fully utilize capacity of in-house power generation facilities and EV/PHV.


F-Grid CEMS*1 optimally combines and controls an electricity from an electric power company, co-generation*2, and solar power generation and provide it to the industry area.
In times of emergency, Tohoku Electric Power purchases generated electricity and provides it to the surrounding the Ohira Village Office region.

  • *1 CEMS (Community Energy Management System): The system that manages and controls energy supply of the community.
  • *2 Co-generation : Power generator (Supply both heat and electricity)

Eco-friendly Toyota dealers

With Eco-Items*3, support energy saving at mainly Toyota dealers and other buildings by generating, storing and saving energy.

  • *3 Eco-Items: Product of TOYOTA TURBINE AND SYSTEMS INC.
  • Smart Green Carport
  • Smart Green Battery
  • Smart Green BEMS

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