Challenges for the future Support New Value Creation
Challenges for the future

Support New Value Creation

Now, the automotive industry is facing big changes and these changes are quite different from the ones Toyota has ever experienced. Rapid progress in new technology such as AI, people’ s perception of car ownership, and aggravated social problems like environmental issues.
We wish to contribute to society by supporting challenging approaches in Toyota which respond to such big changes.

Technology Development Supports

Through our activities as the fund’s management section at Toyota side and our external networks, we collect information of innovative start-up companies and dispatch the information to our departments.
We encourage new technology development by introducing a potential alliance partner to interested departments or helping procedures of its establishment.

* Mirai Creation Investment Founded by SPARX Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking and TOYOTA in November, 2015.

Supports for commercialization

Rehabilitation robot w/Partner robot Div.

Commercialization of new products involves a lot of preparation especially in new business areas. Our group, as a partner of new value creation in development section, establish business models, make business plan and perform commercialization procedures together with the concerned party.

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