What is the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest?

A “dream car.” What do you picture when you hear these words?
A flying car? A car that can take you to alien worlds? How about one that helps people?
Some amazing answers to this question are showcased in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.
The contest is aimed at children ages 15 or younger, and was held for the ninth time in 2015. Since the first contest, we’ve received over three million entries from children all over the world.

Letting children’s imaginations fly free

The imaginations of children are truly boundless. Their works are not just overflowing with color but elaborately packed with detail.
Here are just a few examples of unique past submissions: an “Air Freshener Flower Car” that makes the air cleaner and cleaner the more it drives. A “Brain Car” that performs brain exams. A “Mouth Cleaning Car” that cleans the inside of your mouth. The vast scope of children’s dreams is evident not just in the diversity of concepts but also in the rich palettes of the artwork.

Air Freshener Flower Car

Brain Car

Mouth Cleaning Car

We’ve also received submissions filled with hope—for example, cars that tackle environmental and energy-related issues. These children are applying their own insightful perspectives to issues and coming up with solutions beyond the wildest dreams of grownups. They have their own unique outlooks on the world around them.
What if these dream cars really existed? We used CGI to bring children’s incredible drawings of their dream cars to life. We’re sure it’ll inspire other children to draw their own dream cars. Take a look at our movie “Start your imagination!” and step into the world of dreams.