Children’s Dreams for the Future of Cars
The Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony for the 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest held on August 26, 2015 was a huge success.

Out of the many applicants who shared their dreams with us, 30 children advanced from the national contest and were invited to share the spotlight at the global awards ceremony.

The winners of the Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, and Best Finalist Award for each category (Category 1: age 7 and under; Category 2: ages 8-11; Category 3: ages 12-15) were announced in front of an audience of their families, media representatives, and representatives from Toyota.

After their names were called, the children proceeded to the center stage. Their expressions varied from tense to tearful and emotional as they accepted their award certificates.

From one child’s dream to a dream for the whole world to share
Gold Award Winners

Toyota Alpha-Bird Car
The Universal Language Car

Toyota Robo-Fly for girls in need


The Gold Award winner in Category 1 was “Toyota Alpha-Bird Car: The Universal Language Car” by Sethumdee Dulanya Dewagamage from Sri Lanka (age 7). The audience burst into applause as she explained that she “drew a car that breaks the language barrier and lets us communicate with friends all over the world.”

In Category 2, Ada Maria Ciontu from Romania (age 11), who won the award for “Toyota Robo-Fly for Girls in Need,” clasped her hands over her mouth in surprise at the announcement. “I was happy enough just to be invited to the ceremony. I can’t believe that I won the Gold Award!”, she exclaimed in joy.

In Category 3, Azul Paz Servin Rodas (age 13) from Paraguay earned the prize for her “NANO CAR.” Her thought-provoking artwork depicts an atom-sized car that repairs the global environment damaged by human beings. She blushed slightly but smiled when interviewed, explaining that she drew the picture “in the hope that this car will help protect the environment.”

Animating the President Akio Toyoda Award-winning work

Special awards were also presented.

First was the President Akio Toyoda Award. The award-winning entry was “Dream Society” by Hye In Park (age 15).

Hye In is a Canadian immigrant of South Korean descent. She drew a balloon-like “dream car” to unite her with the rest of her family living far away. Her drawing shows her friends and the people of her village full of smiles.

As a special surprise, a short original animation based on her artwork was revealed at the ceremony. In the video, the images of Hye In’s loved ones smiling around her, plants sprouting and growing, and birds spreading their wings appear on the surface of a balloon floating in the sky. The special animation made her limitless dream resonate even more deeply within the hearts of audience members.

President Toyoda, who selected the winning artist in his role as the main judge, addressed the attendees: “The ‘Dream Society’ entry depicts caring for one’s family and love for one’s community and society. This is something we at Toyota can identify with. Our aim is to contribute to society as a car manufacturer, and we will continue working to make even more superior cars that can inspire the children who participate in our contest.”

Toyota has also launched a project inspired by our desire to create a prosperous, happy future by sharing the dreams of children and bringing them to life.

The other special award presented at the global awards ceremony is the Engineering Inspiration Award. The recipient is chosen by Executive Vice President Kato, who heads our engineering department. Using Toyota technology, we made a miniature model of the dream car selected for this award. You can find the details in the next article, “The new Engineering Inspiration Award: Toyota brings Dream Cars to life as miniatures.”

We’ve uploaded a video of the 2015 awards ceremony. Check it out and hear the participants explain the messages behind their artwork in their own words.