Children’s Dreams across the World
The National Contests

Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest couldn’t have become such a successful event without the enthusiasm and energy displayed at the National Contests in individual countries and regions around the world. Local organizers work hard to come up with the best ways “to give the children who will lead our future a chance to shine.” In Sri Lanka, for instance, the 90 entries that advance to the final round are exhibited at a museum as part of the review process, where they provide food for thought to many visitors.

Children visualize their families’ futures

Of course there can’t be a contest with no submissions, so it has to be easy for any child to participate. In Vietnam, some elementary and middle schools have actually incorporated lessons into their art curriculum that let children express their dreams in drawings. The children apparently love drawing their “dream cars” and enthusiastically come up with a variety of ideas. As many families in Vietnam dream of owning a car, visualizing their dream cars also makes the children contemplate their families’ futures.

One unique entry from Vietnam was “Super Crab Car” by Bui Thanh Mai (age 6 at the time of submission), which won the Gold Award in Category 1 (ages 7 and under) in the 8th contest (2014). A crab-shaped car harvests rice using its giant claws, while its body mills and even packs the rice. The people surrounding it and throwing their hands up with joy appear to be the artist’s family members. This dream car’s ability to help with daily tasks reflects the artist’s hope for a better life for her family.

Employees at Toyota Vietnam look forward to seeing children’s dreams depicted in their submissions. “This year we again received lots of entries, and we’re looking forward to seeing even more imaginative and unique drawings like these in the future. To make that happen, our work needs to become more visible. We want to use social networking to raise awareness of the contest.”

Super Crab Car

Drawings with a wonderful sense of color

As you can see, local organizers are dedicated to making the National Contests exciting and appealing.

At Toyota Romania, an employee frequently updates the company’s Facebook page to raise the contest’s visibility. She also visits drawing classes and other venues to promote the contest to more children. She tells us that the contest has been around for almost the whole decade she’s worked for Toyota Romania (with the 10th contest to be held in 2016). “This project is like my baby!” Seeing the children’s entries brings her a great sense of joy.

Entries from Romania won the Gold Award two years in a row in both the 8th (2014) and 9th (2015) global contests. Iasmina-Maria Raceanu (age 15 at the time of submission) was the Gold Award winner in Category 3 (ages 12 to 15) in the 8th contest with her “STORYOTA,” a fantastical work that goes beyond the concept of a car. She believes that there’s a “story” within each of us that we need to stay alive. Inspired by a seahorse, her dream car transforms and revives these “stories” with the power of light-gathering plants, helping restore what was changed or lost and realize new possibilities. Her art expresses the importance of believing in our dreams.

The Gold Award winner for Category 2 (age 8 to 11) in the 9th contest was “Toyota Robo-Fly for Girls in Need” by Ada Maria Ciontu (age 11 at the time of submission), which also appears in “Children’s Dreams for the Future of Cars: The Awards Ceremony.” As light as a butterfly, her dream car flies around carrying donated books to airdrop to girls in need. What’s remarkable about her drawing is the unique coloring of the sky, which ranges from pale to dark, almost purplish blue. Romanian children seem to have a wonderful sense of color.


Toyota Robo-Fly for Girls in Need

We’ve introduced just a few of the many works children created with their rich imaginations. We will continue to feature even more amazing Dream Cars in the future.
This last video* (from 2013) brings to life a Bolivian girl’s journey in her dream car. She and the other children who imagined a wondrous future through their dream cars have been launched on a journey to new experiences at the Awards Ceremony and on the Japan Trip. Children’s dreams have the power to change the future. That’s what we at Toyota truly believe.