World Contest

The National Contest winners enter into the World Contest. From these, the jury panel in Japan gives Gold, Silver, Bronze and Encouragement Awards for each age category. The winners are invited to Japan to attend the Award Ceremony in August.

The 11th World Contest


We have created some videos that a variety of amazing dream cars of all winning artworks from the 11th World Contest move freely around the world.

Special Videos

  • President Akio Toyoda Award

    President Akio Toyoda Award

  • Engineering Inspiration Award

    Engineering Inspiration Award

  • Winning artworks video(Long ver.)
  • Toyota Knowledge Paradise Car
  • Turtles Sea Patrol Car
  • Savior
  • Trojan Horse Car
  • Car that Protects Marine Ecology
  • Turtle Car, the Sea Creator
  • Adult Play Car
  • Aromatic Garbage Car
  • Toyo Terra Click
  • Mother's Car
  • The Suitcase Car
  • TOYOTA Car Rescue the Bomb
  • My Save Our Earth Dream Car
  • Ostrich Car
  • Anti-Radiation Car
  • Toyota Transformer
  • The Aqua Transporter
  • Emotion Car
  • The EcoRabbit Vehicle
  • Leaf Car
  • The Recycle of Dreamss
  • Toyota Mobile Library
  • Sins Extracter - Path to Wisdom and Heaven Car
  • The Hornbill Life Saving Car
  • Mother Nature of Art
  • TOYOTA Car Tree Wonderland
  • Toyota Seeds of Memory Car
  • Note Car
  • Toyopeace
  • Toyota Symphony on Wheels Orchestrating Communication