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Mobilmo is an app for smartphones and tablets that enables kids around the world to connect with each other by digitally creating their own mobile body (Mobilmo) and inventing new ways to move it.

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Freely combine over 100 different 3D digital parts just like building blocks to easily create a 3D mobile Mobilmo.



Mobilmo remembers movements you can program intuitively.



Let's create your Mobilmo and explore a huge Cosmobi planet. If you leave your footprint on Cosmobi, your Mobilmo can see other Mobilmo created by other players around the world.


Meet and Clone Parts

Drive your Mobilmo in many places on Cosmobi! When you see other Mobilmo, you can get parts from them.


Mini Games

You can play the Mini Games to compete in time trials and obstacle races.

9 strange areas

The planet Cosmobi is the place which has huge mountains, interesting shaped rocks, shining caves, etc. Your Mobilmo can explore Cosmobi planet filled with dream.


Get emblem by collecting another players' reaction icons or winning Mini Games.


Identify the parts of your DNA which were cloned by another player’s Mobilmo!

Auto Pilot

Allows Mobilmo to move itself automatically to where you want it to go and discover new ways of movements.


Let's meet other Moblimo created by another player, and upgrade the experience points.

Mobilmo Rader

Check Mobilmo Rader to see popular Mobilmo or new Mobilmo! Send "Like" to your favorite Mobilmo.

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Mobilmo Launching Event

Mobilmo Launching Event

On July 14, 2017 (Fri) , the event was held at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. Many children and members of the local media visited the event, which was a huge success.

Let's Play video by a popular Youtuber is now available

Let's Play video by a popular Youtuber is now available

Let's Play video is now streaming! He is competing with his brother who is also popular Let's Player on Youtube. Check it out!


Stimulates an awareness of the fun and importance of creating

Toyota continues to create projects that encourage children’s creativity and stimulate inspiration.

Our world now evolves from we continuously study and practice developed programs and modified software. In our modern society, we all frequently use well-modified software and republished programs from others, perhaps in the near future hardware for our vehicles will also grow and improve in the same way.

And for experiencing that future ahead, Toyota and Team-Lab creates a pioneering project Mobilmo to inspire our children’s creativity.

Stimulates an awareness of the fun and importance of creating.