Toyota aims to create an ideal nurturing environment where youths can experience football and grow together into leaders of tomorrow with their peers.
Toyota, together with AFC, participates in grass-roots activities including holding local football workshops for the promotion of football in local communities in the Asian regions.

Football Clinic

As the one of TOYOTA Asian Football Support Projects promoting the development of football and cultivating youth in Asia, TOYOTA held a “Football Clinic” with the cooperation of the teams participating AFC tournaments. We will continue to share the excitement of football with children and support the development of the sport in Asia.

Player escort kids

TOYOTA supports the youths leading the future through a children’s program at every AFC match. “Player escort kids program” is an opportunity for children to hold hands with their football heroes and escort them on the field at the opening of official AFC games.
The program can be an once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience for children to be close to the players and be in the center of the cheering of the fans and spectators in the stadium.

Fan/spectator support items

To liven up the game together and share the excitement of the event with fans, TOYOTA distributes balloon sticks and other exclusive items at stadiums to support fans to enjoy watching the game. We aim at deepening the enthusiasm of fans towards their supporting teams, furthermore, leading it to contributions to the region.