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User comments

There are lots of stations in convenient locations.

Male, 30s

Even though it's a one-person vehicle, I can still chat with friends while traveling using the intercom system.

The drop-off system means I don't need to pay for the times I'm not using the vehicle, which is cost-efficient.

Male, 30s

I rarely drive, but this vehicle is so small I have no problems with parking.

Female, 30s

I ride my bike to the station, then pick up a vehicle. It's very convenient.

User registration is easy with my smartphone!

Female, 30s

I realized how good it is to be able to walk around different parts of town.

Driving through narrow lanes and alleys is a breeze.

Female, 30s

I don't own a car, so I use this to get to my golf lessons.

Male, 40s

I can stop along the way to pick up shopping at my own pace.

Male, 30s

It was easy to drive along narrow streets, and that allowed me get a real feel for Okinawa. It was a great experience.

It's a lifesaver when I have to work overtime and the last train has already left.

Male, 50s

I like that I can easily visit places that don't have bus or train services.

Female, 30s

I could enjoy the ocean views and scenery up close from the Ha:mo.

It's really convenient for me to drop off the vehicle at any station.

Male, 40s

I use it a lot, for visiting my parents, going to the hospital, and shopping.

Female, 30s

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