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CONCEPT MOVIE "A day in the life of 202X"

Toyota Automated Driving Concept Movie

Based on automated driving technology, Toyota is aiming for a society where everybody can have safety, efficiency and freedom of mobility, including senior citizens and those who require extra support.

  • Safety

  • Efficiency

  • Freedom


In 1990, Toyota has engaged in automated driving technology R&D aimed at contributing to the complete elimination of traffic casualties and delivering freedom of mobility for everybody.

Automated driving technology initiatives

September 2014

Toyota Automated Highway Driving Assist

September 2014

Automated driving technology testing conducted near the Toyota Research Institute North America (TRINA)

September 2014

Automated driving technology testing conducted in Higashi-Fuji Technical Center.

September 2014

Automated driving technology testing conducted near Tokyo's Imperial Palace


Enhanced safe driving support
"Toyota Safety Sense"


Advanced driving assist technology
"Lexus CoDrive"


Automated driving on highways
"Highway Teammate"
to be launched.

Early 202X

Automated driving in city areas
"Urban Teammate"
to be launched.

Toyota will make every effort to bring a new future to mobility.

The Mobility Teammate Concept is Toyota's unique approach to automated driving that hopes to build a relationship between humans and carsa relationship where the fun of driving is combined with automated driving, and where humans and cars aim to realize the same goals; sometimes watching over each other, and sometimes helping each other out.

Concept Movie

Concept Movie


Driving Intelligence

Driving Intelligence

The car makes "decisions" based on sensory input, which the driver and the car itself can transform into action.


Connected Intelligence

The car uses data acquired and provided through communication with other cars and the road for automated driving.

Cooperation between people and cars

Interactive Intelligence

The driver and car provide information to one another. This mutual cooperation supports safer driving.

Development Network


Development of recognition technologies


Global R&D Headquarters
Development of advanced technologies and prototypes

North America

Research into future systems
Promotion of new innovative technologies

Toyota has established R&D centers around the world to promote research and development of advanced technology.


New Company Launched to Boost AI Technology R&D

  • A new company established in Silicon Valley, California in January 2016
  • $1 billion investment over 5 years to create a center for Toyota technology innovation
  • Accelerating R&D into AI to support future industrial technologies and lead to creation of a new industry
Executive Technical Advisor Gill A. Pratt /
CEO & President Akio Toyoda

Toyota Motor Corporation established a new company, Toyota Research Institute, Inc. (TRI), in Silicon Valley, California in January 2016, as a base to boost research and development into artificial intelligence (AI) technology and will invest some $1 billion over the coming 5 years.

AI is important technology that will be the basis for future industrial technologies and is also expected to give rise to an entirely new industry. Toyota intends to position TRI as a base for technology innovation, accelerating research and development related to AI.

Gill A. Pratt, Toyota's Executive Technical Advisor, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of TRI, and will hire leading researchers and engineers while boosting its research structure by advancing collaborative research partnerships with jointly established research centers at MIT and Stanford Universities.

TRI members

TRI's CEO Dr. Pratt enthusiastically explained that "TRI will engage in development of AI technology that can work in harmony with humans, such as the pursuit of vehicles that do not cause accidents, mobility that is available to everyone, and robots that provide respectful support for the elderly. Furthermore, we hope to contribute to society by conducting R&D for the application of AI in a wide-range of fields, including the search for new materials and manufacturing management systems."

Toyota President Akio Toyoda commented that "Our pursuit of AI technology is to make life better for society. I want to work with Gill, not just because he is a great researcher, but because I believe that his goals and motivations are the same as ours."