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Cooling System

Design cleverly cools the system and promotes air flow.

Two independent cooling systems are used—a FC cooling system that uses cooling fluid just for the FC to cool the FC stack, and an EV cooling system that cools the inverter and motor system.

The FC cooling system uses a pump to circulate cooling fluid between a radiator and the fuel cell, similar to the cooling system of a conventional engine automobile, to prevent the temperature of the FC stack from increasing too much from the heat produced when the fuel cell generates electricity. In order to prevent short circuits from the FC stack via the cooling fluid, an ion exchanger is also used to ensure that the cooling fluid is non-conducting.

Cooling System FC water pump
FC water pumpCirculates cooling fluid to cool the FC stack.
RadiatorCools the FC stack by dissipating the heat of cooling fluid.
Concept of Aerodynamic Performance Development
Concept of aerodynamic performance development
  1. Aerodynamic and cooling performance
    Smooth merging of radiator exhaust flows with airflows at the side and under the vehicle.
  2. Aerodynamic performance and FCV package
    Optimization of airflows under the vehicle to achieve smooth outflow from the rear and smooth merging with upper surface airflows.
  3. Aerodynamic performance and advanced exterior styling
    Prevention of airflow separation at the front and optimization of airflow at the sides.

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