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Toyota Fuel Cell System

Fuel cells and a hybrid system are the power sources of the Mirai.

The Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS1), the power train of the MIRAI, is a highly efficient system that integrates the fuel cell technologies and the hybrid technologies cultivated by Toyota. At its core is Toyota’s first mass-produced fuel cell, the Toyota FC Stack. Two energy sources are used optimally to drive the motor: the fuel cell (FC) stack, which generates electricity by the chemical reaction of water and oxygen, and the battery. The system generates electric power for driving the vehicle and emits only water as a powerful and clean power source.

  1. TFCS:Toyota Fuel Cell System
Toyota Fuel Cell System
Operating principals
  1. STEP 1. Air (oxygen) taken in
  2. STEP 2. Oxygen and hydrogen supplied to fuel cell stack
  3. STEP 3. Electricity and water generated through chemical reaction
  4. STEP 4. Electricity supplied to motor
  5. STEP 5. Motor is activated and vehicle moves
  6. STEP 6. Water emitted outside vehicle
A. Motor, B. Fuel cell stack, C. Battery, D. High-pressure hydrogen tank

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