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Battery (Lithium-ion)


EV-mode cruising range of 68.2 km1.

The Prius PHV uses a newly developed high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Its total energy capacity of 8.8 kWh is double that of conventional models, producing an EV-mode cruising range of 68.2 km1. Its output has also been dramatically increased, making it possible to experience even smoother, more powerful EV-mode cruising. The energy capacity of the new battery is roughly double that of the previous battery, but the increase in size has been minimized, making it possible to install beneath the luggage room, ensuring sufficient luggage capacity.

  1. JC08 mode (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism measured value). The cruising range achievable using battery power was determined under defined test conditions. Actual EV-mode cruising ranges may vary significantly depending on customer usage environments (weather, traffic conditions, etc.) and driving conditions (sudden acceleration, air conditioner usage, etc.).
Battery (Lithium-ion)

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