Harmonious Mobility Network

Toyota is at work developing a next-generation community network called Ha:mo, to support solutions for local transportation issues through optimal connection between personal transportation modes and public transportation for seamless and enjoyable local mobility.

Ha:mo mobility support provides better and more convenient access.
With ease of movement comes brisk mobility, re-energizing the community.
Lower CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and space saving features all benefit the environment too.

Enjoyment of use encourages people to go out and get around. This positive sensation is brought out by the new possibilities of Ha:mo.
Real-life testing is now underway in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Okinawa, Tokyo and Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Society with great freedom of movement
    (Improved convenience and accessibility)

  • Green society
    (Reduced CO2 emissions, less energy consumption waste)

  • Revitalizing local communities
    (Improving local excursion ease and effective use of space)

Ha:mo RIDE

Ultra-Compact Mobility Sharing Network

From the station to a store. from the office to visit a client. Ha:mo RIDE is a mobility sharing system providing transportation means, when you need it. Transferring from public transportation is smooth and efficient. Board at your preferred dedicated stations (reserved parking areas), and return the vehicle at whichever station is convenient for you. There’s no problem if you have heavy packages.
Travel even short distances from where you are to where you need to go. An ultra-compact transportation mode greatly increases the joy of short trips.
This “smallness” is really a big deal.

  • Ride Anytime

    Rides can be easily reserved from a smartphone. You can board whenever you want.

  • High Cost-Performance

    Ride only as long as you need to and pay only for that period. No parking fees or payment for fuel are needed.

  • Free from Stress

    With good access from public transportation, you may also return the vehicle at a station near your destination for one-way usage.

  • And, of course, Ecologically Sound

    Less wasted space and less energy consumption waste for greater environmental friendliness.

  • Handy for Short Trips

    An ultra-compact electric vehicle that is ideal for short distance personal mobility is also great for easy, agile movement trough narrow city streets.

  • Also ideal for sightseeing

    The vehicle is equipped with a tablet that has the latest route mapping software to guide you to spots only accessible in the super-compact EV, COMS.

The Ha:mo Undertaking

Toward social contribution, Ha:mo is being conducted in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Okinawa, Tokyo and Bangkok, Thailand.

In Toyota City

  • Solutions for transportation issues in local urban localities

In Tokyo

  • Weekday/Mid-day use (for business and personal needs)

In Okinawa

  • Sightseeing transportation provided as only an ultra-compact EV can.

In Bangkok, Thailand

  • Support short distance trip within the city, improved convenience effective use of land