Cooperative ITS

Cooperative ITS support driving and aim to prevent traffic accidents by notifying drivers of information which cannot be detected by a vehicle's own sensors, through communications between vehicles and infrastructure or among vehicles.
Toyota commercialized certain functions of Cooperative ITS in 2009 after participating in proving tests held by government agencies and automotive industries, which began in 2006.
Toyota seeks to continuously improve and promote systems for a sophisticated traffic environment, leading to a safer and more comfortable society.

Effects of Cooperative ITS

Effects of Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Systems that Support Driving



ETC2.0 provides support for congestion avoidance, safe driving and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) through bidirectional communication between vehicles and roadside ITS spots. New services are currently under consideration for future use. Toyota began sales of the ETC2.0 compatible onboard unit in conjunction with the start of ITS spot operation in 2009.

Driving Safety Support Systems

DSSS: Driving Safety Support Systems

DSSS are designed with a focus upon public roads to convey information about things that are difficult for drivers to see. In addition, traffic control information (traffic signals, signs, etc.) from infrastructure is sent to vehicles to help ensure safe driving. Toyota released the DSSS-compatible navigation system in accordance with the launch of DSSS in 2011.

ITS Connect

Aiming for Future Evolution

A new system that uses a dedicated ITS frequency of 760 MHz to support safe driving. The system gathers and relays traffic signal information in addition to information about vehicles or pedestrians that cannot be detected by onboard sensors or are outside the driver's field of view, helping Toyota contribute to eliminating traffic fatalities and injuries. Furthermore, Communicating Radar Cruise Control enhances tracking performance, increases fuel efficiency and helps to reduce traffic congestion. These systems are equipped to selected new Toyota models.

Right-turn collision prevention system  Green wave driving support system

To further enhance ITS Connect, Toyota is developing additional functions.

Right-turn collision prevention system  Green wave driving support system