Building a Low-Carbon Transportation System
(Toyota City Demonstration Tests)

Working toward a Smooth and Efficient Low-Carbon Municipal Transportation System

To realize both a low-carbon society and a smooth transportation system while urbanization progresses in every part of the world, there is a greater need for urban transportation systems and measures in which vehicles are incorporated as a component.
In the Toyota City Demonstration Tests, which are conducted with the aim of creating a low-carbon community from the perspective of local citizens, Toyota introduced next generation vehicles such as PHVs, EVs, and FCVs, installed charging facilities powered by solar panels and trialed personal mobility solutions by simulating sidewalks and urban districts in the city.
Furthermore, Toyota has implemented the Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility Network) system. Ha:mo aims to make transportation friendlier to both people and the environment by promoting low-carbon solutions, solving traffic congestion and promoting eco-friendly driving through the use of ITS, which gather weather and traffic information regarding potential traffic congestion.

Overview of Entire Low-Carbon Transportation System

Picture of entire low-carbon transportation system

Smart Communities Create a Low-carbon Society

A Sustainable Energy Society Made Possible by Smart Communities
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hamo A transit system, which is people, city, and community friendly,designed to optimally integrate private cars and personal mobility with public transportation

Smart Communities Create a Low-carbon Society

Harmonious Mobility Network

An urban transport system friendly both to the people and environment.We started demonstration tests in Toyota City in October 2012

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