19th ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

PRIUS Plug-in Hybrid
Next-generation eco-car equipped with unsurpassable functionality and convenience


A Plug-in Hybrid makes possible reliable, environmentally-friendly long-distance driving without requiring any special infrastructure.

Background of Plug-in Hybrid development

The position of Plug-in Hybrid vehicles

The best choice for a next-generation eco-car.

An EV is best suited for driving over short distances, such as city driving, while a fuel cell vehicle is suited for driving long distances on predetermined routes. Hybrids and Plug-in Hybrids cover the applications of both these kinds of vehicles, and Toyota considers them to be the best choice for an eco-car that is perfectly suitable for a broad range of users.

Plug-in Hybrid – Proven in tests around the world

Before market introduction verification tests involving more than 600 Plug-in Hybrids were conducted worldwide over approximately 5 years beginning in 2007. In Strasbourg, France, verification tests involving 70 vehicles and participation of ordinary consumers were conducted. The result showed massive fuel savings.