19th ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

EDMS (Energy Data Management System)


What is the EDMS?

EDMS aims at the realization of an energy system based on local production and consumption of renewable energy by connecting houses, convenience stores, schools etc, to traffic, thereby balancing power supply and demand. Based on weather and consumer behavior projections, the EDMS predicts solar power generation (supply) and the power required within the region (demand). If it is predicted that not enough power will be generated, the EDMS gives behavioral advice to consumers on how to reduce energy consumption and assigns points to specific lifestyle behaviors.
In this way, the entire community comes to a shared understanding of the local electricity market and incentives to prevent peaks in power use, thus lowering the carbon emissions of the region as a whole.

Verification of energy management in Toyota City

In the Toyota City Low-carbon Society Verification Project,
the EDMS connects 67 smart houses to demonstrate the environmentally friendly lifestyle of the near future in cooperation with local residents.