19th ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

Our Ultimate Goal: “Zero Casualties from Traffic Accident”


Integrated Safety Management Concept

The "Integrated Safety Management Concept" does not mean regarding each of the safety systems on the car individually, but integrating those systems to increase safety. It is a demonstration of our quest for the optimum driving support not solely at the points which were conventionally focused on before and after an accident, but expanding to “all driving stages” from parking, to normal operation and the moments before and after a collision, and even avoidance at the moment of an accident.

Toyota Safety Research Activities

To focus "accident analysis", "simulation", and "evaluation" based on pursuit of real safety , Toyota join research project in Europe. Toyota contribute analysis of accidentology , biomechanism and driver behavior and development of assessment methodology etc. on through collaboration with university and join of Framework program.

Integration of Individual Technologies and Systems