19th ITS World Congress Vienna 2012

Urban Transportation System
TDMS and One Mile Mobility System


TDMS(Traffic Data Management System)

The TDMS is an information system that works to solve community wide problems such as CO2 emissions and congestion by connecting consumers, transportation-related companies and communities without a loss of convenience for the traveler. The TDMS gathers various types of information related to traffic from consumers, transportation-related companies, and communities and analyzes it. These analysis results are provided to the consumer to make transportation smooth and effortless. Also, the system helps transportation-related companies better respond to actual traffic conditions in their operations. When each player can effortlessly act, the situation improves slightly. The aim of the TDMS is to repeat this cycle to gradually come closer to resolving problems.

One Mile Mobility System

We will provide a system that is seamlessly integrated with public transportation, in which small EVs and electrically assisted bicycles are shared. We will provide comfortable mobility that is optimal for moving around in the city, and that is easy to use for residents.

Harmonious Mobility Network Ha:mo
Toyota City Demonstration Tests

In October 2012, we started a social demonstration service named "Ha:mo" for TDMS and One Mile Mobility. We plan to expand the number of vehicle and depot as well as this service and function step by step.