Toyota to Show Latest Smart Mobility Initiatives at ITS World Congress in Bordeaux

Tokyo, Japan, September 30, 2015—From October 5 through 9, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies from around the world will go on display in Bordeaux. Toyota will be one of those hosting an exhibit at the 22nd ITS World Congress (hosted by ERTICO-ITS Europe), and will showcase some of its many ongoing initiatives in this area.

“Towards Intelligent Mobility—Better Use of Space” is the primary theme of the Congress, which will explore new value-added features and services such as satellite positioning systems, interconnected cars, automated driving technology, and multi-modal transport.

Toyota booth (artist’s rendering)

Toyota will be showcasing its extensive work towards the creation of a smart mobility society that links people, cars and cities. Exhibits will include:
- ITS Connect, a new cooperative ITS-based safety package combining vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies;
- automated driving and advanced driving support systems designed specifically for highway driving conditions; and
- the Ha:mo next-generation transport system, an advanced mobility sharing solution that is currently being tested alongside public transportation in France.

ITS Connect will debut on several new models sold in Japan this year, and will include a range of alert and warning features, including a right turn collision caution, a red light caution, and vehicle proximity notifications.

The ITS World Congress is the world’s largest ITS-related international conference. Held annually in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and the Americas on a rotating basis, the congress invites ITS developers (governments, research bodies and commercial enterprises) from a wide range of countries and regions to showcase their latest ITS research findings and products through information sessions (including technical paper presentations) and exhibitions.

Toyota has been an active participant since the first Congress, exhibiting research results on ITS technologies, safety, and environment-related products and services.

Overview of Toyota’s Participation in the 22nd ITS World Congress

Type Content
Indoor exhibit
Toyota’s safety initiatives
Display panels detailing the history of active safety technology initiatives at Toyota and charting the evolution of advanced driving support systems using automated driving technology.
Cooperative ITS
Display panels and video presentations on key features of ITS Connect such as Right Turn Collision Caution, Red Light Caution, and Emergency Vehicle Proximity Notification
Driving simulator for virtual testing of coordinated ITS services such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication systems
Display of systems, including prototypes of on-board devices and wireless antennae, along with a image-based vehicle sensor
Automated driving technologies and advanced driving support systems
Display panels and video presentations on key elements of research into automated driving systems, as well as advanced driving support systems designed to encourage safe and efficient traffic flow
Ha:mo next-generation mass transport system
Display panels and video presentations on the Cité Lib by Ha:mo project trials that have been underway in Grenoble (France) since October 2014. The project builds on the initial trial of the next-generation Ha:mo transport system launched in Toyota City (Aichi prefecture, Japan) in 2012.
Toyota i-Road and the Toyota Auto Body COMS will be displayed as vehicles currently taking part in car sharing test projects.
Information sessions Combined total of over ten executive sessions, special sessions, and technical sessions on the topics outlined above

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