TOYOTA Motor Corporation’s Recent Participation in World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems Exhibitions (since 2004)

Main Themes of Toyota Exhibits Exhibition Overview
“ITS for Livable Society”
  • Initiatives for Future Mobility Society (utilizing “Personal Mobility”)
  • Initiatives for the TMC vision of Safety, Sustainability and Accessibility/Comfortability (“Toyota Showcase” demonstration)
Main Displays(Indoor)
Personal Mobility (Foresta Hills Demonstration)
Majesta equipped with advanced technologies
PCS(Pre Crash Safety System) simulator
Hands-on demonstration of G-BOOK information network service
Outdoor Demonstrations
at Port Messe: IPA(Intelligent Parking Assist) system demonstration
at Foresta Hills: PCS(Pre Crash Safety System), Navigation-coordinated safe driving support system & other test drive demonstrations
San Francisco
“Enabling Choices in Transportation”
  • Initiatives for Future Mobility Society(i-unit ultra-compact vehicle utilization)
  • Innovative Safe-driving features (outdoor display)
Main Displays(Indoor)
i-unit(for Future Mobility)
GS430 with the latest safety advances
PCS, night-view and advanced safe-driving functions
TMC’s US research & development facility
Outdoor Demonstrations
Test drive with ITS technologies: PCS & IPA(Intelligent Parking Assist)
“ITS: Delivering Transport Excellence”
  • Integrated Safe-driving Concept
  • Display of the new Lexus LS460 equipped with advanced ITS technologies
Main Displays(Indoor)
Exhibit of LS460:
integrated safe-driving concepts & advanced ITS technologies
driver-monitoring camera, Pre-crash Safety System
PCS simulator
Outdoor Demonstrations
IPA system demonstration(with advanced ultrasonic sensors)
“ITS for a Better Life”
  • Japan/China cooperation in autonomous vehicular systems using information communications technology
  • Presentation of telematics service implementation in China
  • Devices for safety driving assistance systems
Main Displays(Indoor)
Demonstration of telematics service devices in China
cutting-edge ITS technology-equipped LS600hL features
PCS simulator
Outdoor Demonstrations
hands-on demonstration of China’s telematics service on the exhibition grounds
test-rides to demonstrate a safety driving assistance system at China’s outdoor Proving Ground
New York
“ITS Connections: Saving Time. Saving Lives”
  • Initiatives for Achieving Future Mobility: (i-REAL personal mobility vehicle utilization)
  • Comprehensive approach to environmental improvement
  • Initiatives for V to I cooperative systems in Japan and US integrated control of energy consumption
Main Displays(Indoor)
i-REAL(personal mobility vehicle)
Presentation of TMC’s comprehensive approach to environmental improvement
vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems simulator demonstration
Outdoor Demonstrations
Practical demonstration of U.S. VII(Vehicle Infrastructure Integration) project
“ITS in Daily Life”
  • Initiatives for Proposing and Achieving Future Mobility Society
  • TMC's cooperation with Toyota City for implementing Eco-Model City policies
  • World leading systems for integrated control of energy consumption
Main Displays(Indoor)
LS600hL(experimental vehicle)
vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems
vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems simulator demonstration
Outdoor Demonstrations
“Ubiquitous Society with ITS”
  • Optimizing energy use to achieve a low-carbon society: verification tests at Rokkasho Village
  • World leading V to I cooperative systems
Main Displays(Indoor)
Toyota Smart Center
LS600hL(experimental vehicle)
PCS simulator demonstration
PHV(Prius Plug-in Hybrid) vehicle
Outdoor Demonstrations
“Keeping the Economy Moving”
  • The society of the future envisioned by TMC
  • A society where people can travel in cars safely and securely: a society where homes, vehicles and information are linked
  • Introducing a future world of smart grids that link cars, society and information
  • USDOT(U.S. Department of Transportation)/CAMP(Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership) : Connected vehicle technology demonstration
Main Displays(Indoor)
video and panel presentation on future ITS as envisioned based on the Toyota Global Vision
driving simulator to experience VSC(Vehicle Stability Control), TRC(Traction Control) and ABS(Anti-Lock Brake System).
presentation of PCS and ADB(Adaptive Driving Beam) as examples
vehicle-infrastructure cooperative driving safety support systems
Prius Plug-in Hybrid and a charging stand
Toyota Smart Center's Toyota Smart Vision and Home Energy Management System
Outdoor Demonstrations
PCS with collision-avoidance assist demonstration
USDOT(U.S. Department of Transportation)/CAMP
Connected Vehicle Project