Care Assist Robot Technical Presentation

In 2007 Toyota announced their vision of Toyota Partner Robot series to contribute to the achievement in brighter and more enjoyable life with Partner Robot supporting human life.

Until now, Toyota has demonstrated several Partner Robot families, on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011, Toyota held a Care Assist Robot technical presentation to demonstrate new robots to support in nursing and healthcare.

Care Assist Robot and the Walk Assist Robot announced at this event were developed in collaboration with Fujita Health University Hospital and Toyota Memorial Hospital in Aichi Prefecture. Professor Eiichi Saito of the Fujita Health University Hospital was invited to demonstrate the features and technology of the new partner robot and how the trials are being carried out.

At the event, four new members of the Partner Robot family in the fields of nursing and healthcare, domestic duties and a short-distance personal transport were introduced. The "Walk Assist Robot" assists independent walking for people whose ability to walk has been impaired by leg paralysis or other causes. The "Care Assist Robot" assists those in need of care to move from the bed to toilet and other locations. Each robot incorporates advanced technologies developed by Toyota in the research and development of vehicles and robotics. The technological elements incorporated include motor control technology, highly stable walking-control technology and sensor technology.

From his standpoint, a member of a specialized medical organization, Professor Saito says that "In the future, as society becomes increasingly aged, the day will come when assist from robots is necessary in nursing and healthcare." Accepting his expectations, Toyota will accelerate research and development. Through field trials in the area of medical care and while taking into consideration feedback and advice, we aim for commercialization of the "Nursing and Healthcare Partner Robot" in 2013.

Toyota's trustworthy manufacturing, always considering the voices of users in the field, is true for both vehicles and robots. Through development of the Partner Robot, Toyota is supporting a society where all people conducted their daily lives with a smile.

Presentation from Toyota Motor Corporation, Managing Officer, Mr. Inoue, about the development of the Care Assist Robot
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Walking demonstration with the Walk Assist Robot
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Video showing walking training trials using the Walk Assist Robot (at Fujita Health University Hospital)
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Demonstration of moving those in need of care using the Care Assist Robot
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